Journal of Advanced Zoology

(Abbreviation: J. Adv. Zool.)
ISSN- 0253-7214

The Journal of Advanced Zoology started in 1980 is a peer reviewed half yearly online and prints journal, issued in June and December devoted to the publication of original research work in the various disciplines of Zoology.




Most Cited Articles
Records of aphid parasitoids from the north Bihar and associations with their hosts and food plants (13) J Adv Zool.17 (1), 26-33
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Journal of Advanced Zoology published since 1980 finds place in the list of acredited journals by University Grants Commission. New Delhi! On behalf of the Editorial Board, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you all for sustained support in enriching the journal.

Journal of Advance Zoology started online publication from Dec-2015 issue.

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